A new media education provider gives you a plenty of opportunities for storytelling and interactivity.


Sam Corporation is a new media education company which offers/provides plenty of opportunities for storytelling and interactivity.We Creator, developed by Sam Corporation, is an educational program that helps you to make your own stories through image cards.

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What Services does Sam Corporation?

We Creator provides the following three training services: This is not just individual educational content, but a media-centric education program with each step connected. We Creator is a future-oriented education program consisting of image card package products, user-centered mobile apps, and multi-platform.

  • 1. The Image Card Game: Making Personal Fiction Stories
  • 2. Mobile Application: Making Moving Stories with image cards and pictures
  • 3. Multi-Platform: Showing and Sharing My Moving Story on the web

Ultimately, Sam Corporation pursues ‘Platform Service’ with image card set production, which manages the intangible idea and creativity and instills the inspiration.

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